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KwaSizabantu, transforming people’s lives

Kwasizabantu-Mission - Transforming lives

The KwaSizabantu Mission has great stories to be told, but this is its story in a nutshell: Many years ago, a local witch asked reverend Erlo Stegen, and was then converted. From that day on, the reverend witnessed multitudes of people coming to his prayer meetings saying that they want to meet with God. The […]

What is a  legacy and how to leave one of positive change

Kwasizabantu Mission

The Covid-19 pandemic is an uncomfortable reminder of how short life is and how important it is to live life fully. It also makes me think about what it means to leave a personal legacy and what God says about leaving a legacy? The well-known and inspiring preacher, Reverend Erlo Stegen, has been building a […]

Radio Khwezi, a star that shines brightly

Msizi Radio Ndlovu

Radio Khwezi (morning star in Zulu), is a community radio station that draws talent from the community. One of its presenters, Mzikayise Ndlovu, is a very talented youngster who joined the radio station in 2008. He fulfils many roles at the station but being a presenter is top of his list. He likes to help […]

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