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Doctors for Life – Working in the field

God has put us on earth for a purpose: to serve others. And for the Doctors for Life International (DFL) team, their profession is also a calling.  Dr. Albertus van Eeden, fondly known as Doctor Albu, started DFL, a non-profit company (NPC), in 1991. He currently is the full-time CEO, assisted by approximately 15 full-time staff members and a large group of volunteers across the world. An executive board manages DFL, consisting of national and international members. It now has over 1 600 members and is still growing!

This organization brings hope where there is hopelessness while bringing people to Jesus Christ. Professionals, doctors, dentists, specialists, and veterinarians within South Africa and abroad are among the members who are united in upholding the three core principles:

  • Sound science in the medical profession
  • The sanctity of life from fertilization until natural death, and
  • A Judaeo Christian ethic within the medical profession.

Over the years, the DFL team has been working in the field, helping vulnerable communities in South Africa, Lesotho, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Botswana, Sudan, and Mozambique. They plan to expand their help and assistance to other countries where people are in great need.

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Not only in the medical field do they contribute but also in social life. They run a few orphanages assisting children without parents or coming from disadvantaged households. Thus, giving these children new hope for the future.

These healthcare professionals and volunteer helpers are people with compassion, deep sympathy for the sorrows and suffering of others, and the world needs more of these people. We can all help change the lives of those less privileged by volunteering or donating. And you can rest assured that your donations are in good hands as a bookkeeper manages DFL’s finances and an authorised financial service provider audits them.

Taking the time to help others and be kind to them can reap incredible emotional benefits. And while we can’t all join the DFL team on their life-changing missions, we can contribute as much as we can afford. For ways you can contribute or donate, visit DFL’s website at

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