How can you contribute?

You can contribute in the following ways to help us build the kingdom:

  • Provide us with INFORMATION on social issues such as human trafficking; drug abuse; bullying in schools; etc.
  • Help us distribute Devoted through your church or school. By ordering and paying for your copies of Devoted, we can increase the print-run of copies; and negotiate better prices for printing costs.  This helps the magazine grow; you pay only for production costs and you can sell the magazine at your church at commercial prices and use the profit for social upliftment programmes (a win-win situation);
  • Costs of production is covered by sales of advertising space; therefore you can consider to ADVERTISE your events and services in Devoted;
  • Visit our Devoted FACEBOOK page and “like” us. This ensures that the magazine builds a good reputation and, at the same time, it promotes the magazine as a publication that communicates in different ways to its readers;
  • Follow us on TWITTER;
  • PROVIDE us with any articles – especially testimonies and inspirational articles – as well as suggestions and recommendations that will help us to enhance the magazine.

There are probably a great number of writers, artists, cartoonists, graphic designers and many other talented people that would gladly use a platform such as Devoted to showcase their talents and to glorify God. Devoted would like to offer you this opportunity at no cost. Readers now have the chance to use their talents for the development of this magazine and for their exposure by sending us regular articles in the area of their expertise.

Regular columns include, among others, a Kidz corner, teens talk, recipe pages, health and beauty matters and reviews on inspirational books, films, DVD’s and CD’s. Travel columns not only showcase dream destinations, but special offers will make it possible for readers to travel to those very destinations at an affordable price.

If you would like to contribute to Devoted, please contact the editor (E-mail: