558 Days

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By Yolande Korkie

Summary by Gerda Potgieter

558 days is a true story and it is a book that touched me so deeply that I had to read it in bits and pieces. The book helped me to put my own pain aside and be refined by the grace of God through what He did in the life of someone else…

The book reflects on the time when Yolande and her husband, Pierre, were hostages of Al Qaeda in Yemen in 2013. Yolande was released first to raise the money to free her husband. Pierre had to stay in captivity for 558 days under the most appalling circumstances and while he was terribly sick. Pierre was killed by his captors the day before he would have been released, because an American task team made an effort to save them. Thousands of people who shared in the prayer actions for the Korkie-family were left with thousands of questions… imagine what the Korkies were going through!

Yolande wrote a special message to me in the front of the book: “May you really have an encounter with the Lord in the pages of this book.” And this message then also came true. Despite the circumstances that preceded the writing of this book, it speaks of love, faith, hope and forgiveness.

The concept of forgiveness is such an important part of the book that the writer also emphasises it at the end: “Forgiveness does not imply that we condone the deeds that had such a radical impact on our life. It does not mean that we approve of the wrong choices they made. Forgiveness is an order, a command from Jesus Christ, and it reveals God’s heart to us. Through forgiveness, God can make a way for something good to happen out of what was meant for evil.”

558 days is a must-read book. It is a book that, if you open yourself to the messages in it, will change your outlook on life – to the glory of God and His kingdom.

558 days is published by Christian Art Publishers and is available from all Cum bookstores nationwide.