Digital Cocaine – A Journey Toward iBalance

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Digital Cocaine Front Cover

Article written by Suzette van Huyssteen

 “There is no difference in being addicted to technology and cocaine as far as your brain is concerned.” These are a few words from Brad Huddleston’s new book, Digital Cocaine, A Journey Toward iBalance. Brad is an internationally respected speaker, consultant, teacher and author on the important issues of technology and culture. In Digital Cocaine, Brad will replace your confusion, hesitancy and fear as it relates to the digital world with the facts that can make you and your family safer and more secure.

He recently visited South Africa and spoke at a church leader conference where the Devoted team had the privilege of interviewing him. While listening to Brad, a key message that stood out was “God is on a rescue mission”, because in today’s time and age, our intimacy with God is often stolen by technology.

The most important message that Brad would like to share with our readers relates to our intimacy with God. “I am honoured to be part of Devoted and my heart for your readers is this: You know your Facebook page, the red dots that appear when you receive a message, friend request or tag, the urge you experience to click on it, is a little dopamine hit. If I am hearing Jesus in this whole project, He is saying this: ‘I wish you felt that way about Me. I wish you would stare at Me all the time, I wish you would constantly be checking in with Me, and instead of screening that, you would be praying’.” Brad shared that God wants a relationship with us, but often the technology we use has become the god in our lives.

Digital Cocaine was published by Christian Art Publishers and is available at all CUM bookstores nationwide.