Call for Uniting Against Corruption

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“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”

(Martin Luther King Jr.)

In recent weeks, I have been getting a strong prompting from the Lord on this very issue of keeping silent on things that were really troubling me a lot – one of which is the disease called Corruption. I have no doubt in my mind that this prompting by God has enabled me to take a public stance in support of the Unite against Corruption campaign.  I have not only supported this campaign in my personal capacity, but equally important, since I would like to see my children, my grandchildren and future generations to experience a good quality of life in their country of birth, I need to stand up as I hereby do, and make it clear that I do not condone corruption and that I will do whatever I can to unite with those around me who also wish to rid society thereof.

Far too many people paint a picture of doom and gloom, hopelessness and despair around us, but God is looking for people that are prepared to go in and implement a lasting solution. He is fully aware of the situation we are faced with. He is better known as the Balm of Gilead and I would like to see myself as one of His helpers by taking up the challenge of fighting corruption.  Dr King Jnr’s quote above should serve to remind us that there is a time for silence, as we mull over issues prayerfully, then there is a time to speak or act. Now is the time to act.

There is no shadow of a doubt in the hearts and minds of many people that corruption is destroying and dividing the very fabric of our society. We can therefore no longer turn a blind eye to this social ill that has impacted so negatively on our economy, especially when so much of what we see and hear around us relate to one of the after effects of corruption, namely, the huge numbers of job losses taking place within the mining industry for example, civil unrest, escalating food prices and increasing transportation costs – to name but a few.  You are also a victim!

With the gifting bestowed to us from above, my team and I have designed the next few issues of Devoted  in such ways that will help us focus on matters which entails “going back to basics”, transformational leadership and an attitude of zero tolerance for corruption.

We would like to invite you to join hands with us and also take a firm stance against Corruption  (please also visit the following website www.uniteagainstcorruption.co.za).

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(Picture by Zach Steward)